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Hey, I’m a new fully managed content writing system. Please fill target keywords for any Page URL and get our audit of your content directly in your Inbox.

    Text Audit Tool is the Key to
    More Search Traffic

    The SEO content audit process can be a total headache. After extensively combing through all the text, you have to sort, prioritize, and revise. You know the process all too well and it takes forever! SEO and copywriting are skills that require sound judgment and experience. This tool enhances your strategy and automates the manual work you would normally have to do.

    Introducing the King of Efficiency and (not so) Secret to Success: our SEO Text Audit Tool.

    The text audit tool gives you a step-by-step guide for improving your search engine texts based on your organic competitors. How should you edit your content to optimize your site? What search terms should you include to attract your target audience? Are there errors in the text that would reflect poorly on your brand? How is the readability for better reader comprehension? How unique is your site content?

    Our SEO Text Audit Tool gives you insights quickly and accurately. You can adjust your content accordingly to achieve higher rankings on search engine results pages. Your Google Analytics will confirm how well you’re performing!

    • Content length
    • Number of headings
    • NLP entities coverage
    • Readability score
    • Keyword density
    • NLP Sentiment
    • Plagiarism score
    • Grammar score
    • Meta tags structure
    Terms to use

    Uncover Popular Terms Missing From Your Page

    Are there important terms missing from your content that could significantly boost your page’s search ranking?

    Discover gaps in your keyword targeting and how you should integrate popular search terms and NLP entities.

    Filling in the keyword gaps is the most efficient way to rise the search engine ranks.

    Analyze Content Structure and On-Page Ranking Factors

    The SEO Text Audit Tool analyzes your top pages and calculates how your content is performing.

    If you’re falling behind due to content length, insufficient keyword density or overstuffed keywords, the ContentAdore site text audit tool will provide solutions for improving your organic search ranking position.

    Identify and fix content issues and site speed to create a better user experience.

    Content score
    Check and avoid plagiarism

    Check and Avoid Plagiarism

    Duplicative text, whether between your own content or content from another site, is a big no-no.

    Not only will your pages cannibalize each other and struggle to rank, but you could also face penalties from search engines.

    The last thing you need is for your site to be blacklisted! The SEO Text Audit Tool scans your text and flags any areas of plagiarism so that you can avoid any problems it could cause.

    Analyze and Improve Readability

    Ensure that both users and search engine crawlers can understand your content with ease. The SEO Text Audit Tool suggests formatting fixes, better headers, and overall structural changes.

    Make reading your content a more enjoyable experience for site visitors.

    The tool helps make your text more digestible for a general audience. Simplifying your content and polishing its readability makes all the difference in the world.

    Analyze and improve readability
    Evaluate and improve grammar

    Evaluate and Improve Grammar

    Publish mistake-free content that reflects your brand’s professionalism and expertise.

    Everyone slips up from time to time so our text audit tool has your back. It points out issues and suggests ways to rephrase your text.

    Say goodbye to grammar errors and put out content that is clear and confident!

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    Alexander Nigmatulin

    Alexander Nigmatulin

    CMO at PRnews.io


    We were looking for an agency that would satisfy us in a number of ways - price, quality, and deadlines.
    We wanted to find one or two providers who would prepare content for us. One of the providers was the company ContentAdore, which is able to prepare text with clear quality, with clear deadlines, and at a clear price. With very responsive and user-friendly communication.

    Aleksey Andrusenko

    Aleksey Andrusenko

    SEO Jedi at LivePage


    I like a smooth writing style. All expectations are met. All orders have been delivered on time and well crafted. Thanks for saving me a ton of time when I had to send back and forth additional fixes to copywriters.

    Anastasia Anisimova

    Anastasia Anisimova

    Copywriting Manager at Boosta


    These guys have already completed 40+ tasks for me, and every time it was a pleasure to collaborate with them. What differs this writing service from the vast majority of other ones is the SEO expertise, ability to work with any software developed for SEO optimization per my request, and endless possibilities to update the text if there is a need. 100% recommend to order from here!

    Denys Dovgal

    Denys Dovgal



    We worked with ContentAdore team for content creation services and I would like to admit very high standards in the service we received all the time. I can highly recommend Vladimir and his team for fast delivery, attention to details and providing professional quality content writing

    Julia Panasenko

    Julia Panasenko

    The Head of Content Department at SeoProfy


    When it comes to seo copywriting ContentAdore is our salvation. I can say this without any exaggerations. We entrust them the most important orders only. A huge benefit is a large number of native writers who write a great copy in many different languages. Norwegian, Finnish, Swedish - even in such rare languages. Really cool! You can entrust them writing the texts on almost any topic. The writers will do a research, and write not just well, but also competently. Thank you for taking content creation headache away from us 🙂

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